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The most traded commodities of ancient times are

gold frankincense and myrrh. Blended frankincense and myrrh Oil is our #1 seller, rich aroma without carrier oils. What are Essential Oils Good For? Learn more Here.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated parts of a plant, flower or tree. Barks leaves and roots can also be used. Ancient Essence oils have a high vibration/ frequency and are so mystical that each person has a unique experience. Some have experienced healing. Most have at least experienced a great aid in the healing process, whether it be an emotional, physical, or spiritual ailment. Don’t forget, our genetic code remembers         old frankincense and myrrh oil because it was used worldwide for thousands of years with many applications.This memory helps it to assimilate  to our  bodies today.

At Ancient Essence we believe that frankincense

essential oil (and others) are a gift from

God and were put here for our benefit.